Point vs Point

Gareth hijacks the PvP feed and Evan makes the most of it!

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Evan and Gareth do a special episode looking back at the Royal Funeral Services of Prince Phillip. 

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Gareth has a big update on his Capitol vent situation. 

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Gareth is still stuck in the vent at the Capitol. But he's no longer alone. Dr. Shmarza has joined him. Meanwhile, as always, Evan just wants to do the news. 

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Gareth is still stuck in a vent at the Capitol. Evan isn't really that concerned about it.

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Gareth has something he wants to say. Evan would much rather just do the news. 

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Evan and Gareth attempt to bring the type of seriousness and gravitas required for a news week like this. 

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Evan struggles to deal with his new living situation while also discussing his new career ambition. Gareth plays peacemaker between Evan and they're new roomie Skull. 

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Evan has an unwanted guest. Gareth is an unwanted guest. 

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Gareth brings on disgraced/fake attorney Dan Govandi to help with his "legal" battle. 

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Dr. Shmarza joins us as we dive, nips first, into the 2020 election!

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Evan and Gareth tackle the up coming election head on!

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Evan discusses being deep in the News Cave. Gareth stops for a corn dog. 

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Gareth has a big announcement. Evan does not at all care. 

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Evan is excited by the conventions. Gareth less so. 

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Evan stays safe in his new protective gear. Gareth says some things that don't make sense and aren't newsworthy. 

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Evan and Gareth unpack the news of the day. 

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Evan tries to be a great newsman. Gareth prepares for an upcoming social event. 

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Evan thinks he's part of the solution but Gareth doubts his commitment to the protests. Plus a gorilla update.

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Evan and Gareth talk about the current shit show happening in America

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Evan clarifies how these Special Reports are different from the normal show. Gareth's gorilla business goes mobile. 

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Dr. Shmarza returns to give the P-heads medical advice. Gareth transitions is gorilla business.

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The guys agree that last week's Special PvP missed the mark, so Evan has brought in a medical expert to help explain the world today. 

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Even though the show has been on a break, Evan felt the elephant in the room story needed to be discussed, Gareth has also been busy. 

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Newsman Evan Mann drops a bomb on Champals CEO Gareth Reynolds during The 200th PvP. 

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The only podcast that promises to never promise when it will be on or out...we promise! Evan delivers a (post) Halloween Spectacular, while Gareth has a deliberate costume and a new Champals Campaign. 

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Do you know Twitter? Do you know champagne? Evan brings the news while Gareth brings the elite lifestyle. 

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Evan is upset Gareth's memory is back, but Gareth has a great new product/lifestyle, and an organic new idea for his turn. 

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Evan has a confession for Gareth.

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Evan’s hero is under attack. Gareth discovers something Evan’s been hiding. 

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Evan announces the 5th Year Anniversary of PvP and puts up some new boundaries. Gareth shares Dr. Shmarza’s plan to reverse his amnesia.

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Gareth takes issue with Evan after Fences in Chino.

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Gareth attempts to do the show despite a rough 4th of July, but does have some good news for Evan.

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Evan celebrates the July 4th pageantry while Gareth garners August Wilson flare.

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Evan used his time away from the show to help Gareth recover from amnesia.

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Amnesia'd Gareth worries he can't compete with Evan, one of the best newsman in the game today. 
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When Gareth gets amnesia, Evan takes him on a Wild Ride to Newsville.

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Evan is suspicious about Sportin' Talkers, his old sports podcast with Gareth. 

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Gareth brings Evan evidence of their other podcast. 

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Evan questions some of the show’s norms. Gareth shan’t waste the meat.

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Evan is back at square one, so the star of the show, Gareth Reynolds, once again explains what PvP is - a show that revolves entirely around him, the fan favorite. 

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Gareth celebrates The Mueller Report. Evan listens back to every episode because these are recorded.

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Evan has some new ideas for the show. Gareth's Turn is a game changer.

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While suffering amnesia, Evan considers giving the fans a name. Gareth writes a touching tribute.

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When Evan awakens from his Cuoma with Amnesia, his pal Gareth helps him remember the podcast.
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Gareth delivers some tuft news.

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Evan speculates on the BPN’s & Gareth sits with the Ruth of it all.

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Evan returns with a Hollywood makeover. Gareth tells of his new romantic relationship.
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Evan reports live updates from the Michael Cohen sentencing as it happens! Gareth shares a personal update of his own.

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Evan introduces a PvP Mascot. Gareth is concerned about Evan’s holiday weight. 
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Evan throws his hat in the ring. Gareth is sick of the misogyny.

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Gareth returns from his coma. Evan supports a candidate.

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Evan is thrilled to have news buff Dr. Anthony Shmarza replace Gareth. #MyOwnSemen

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When Evan’s #1 guest Dr. Anthony Shmarza returns after an OC, Gareth wants a TO from news for an explanation.

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Evan tries a Shlurk product before Gareth’s big meeting.

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Gareth remembers 9/11 and is appalled by Evan’s lack of patriotism.

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Captain Mann takes us to Newsville. Gareth announces a Shlurk Spokesman.

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Evan has a new channel and Gareth has a new song.

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Newsman Evan makes a submission on behalf of The Orbies. What if Gareth told you today was that day?

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Evan argues Gareth should be making points versus his points, not sharing future news from time-traveling lizard Shlurk Glorditron. 

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Gareth shares news from the future as Evan lets life unfold.

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Evan & Gareth both have major announcements. The Trilo G continues.

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Evan uses his platform to reach out to President Trump. Gareth shares a new project.

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Evan is sorry not sorry while Gareth's gut feeling is sweeps.

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Evan suddenly starts to rethink Gareth’s boy from back in the day.

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Gareth confesses to a lie that Evan totally believed! Dan Govandi puts on his lawyer hat. 

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Evan gives pageantry credit where credit is due. Gareth spies on a spy.

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Gareth goes for a new part and phones a friend. Little Beth learns that names matter.

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Evan reports, and Gareth gets a change-up on his look. #DigitalSpace

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Gareth's heart goes out to the family. Evan celebrates a new royal. 

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Evan wants a Special Counsel. Gareth pitches and invests. 

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Evan gets a surprising phone call from Gareth. 

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Evan has a brief message for the fans. 

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Evan's doin' his thang. Gareth gets mayoral mail.

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Private Evan doesn’t want to become the news. Mayor Gareth Reynolds has some epic announcements for the citizens of the sewer. #MayorFavorite 
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Evan gets schwag bags and Gareth has a big, big idea, so get ready. #MayorOfTheSewer

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Mr. Mayor Gareth Reynolds has some big ideas for the sewer economy. Evan gets a nickname. #Mayor #ConstituentFavorite 
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When the Sewer Mayor polls close, Evan and Gareth deliver the news while awaiting the election results.
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Evan & Gareth plan Sewer Mayor Election Day. Chippie’s lookin' in the mirror. 
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Evan wants an empire. Gareth’s campaign continues.

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Evan thanks The Ball Heads for The Biggest Hashtag of 2018. Gareth approves a message to the sewer.

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Evan has a big announcement and Gareth loses a best friend.

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Newsman with some in common deliver real news! Gareth defends his boy. Evan wants a Nut cut. 
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Evan & Gareth have a bit of a mishap. Evan gets medical advice. Gareth made an investment and has an announcement.

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Evan defends nature. Gareth provides a good scene. This is the banter that the P-Heads crave!

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Gareth returns to the sewer to find a menopausal Evan. 

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Evan is joined by guest co-host Dr. Anthony Shmarza for a very special episode!

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Evan is sick after the Sewer Tour. Hollywood A-Lister Gareth Reynolds apologizes. Dr. Shmarza checks in on his favorite patient.

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Evan enjoys pure sewer culture when a tour invades Gareth’s Turn.

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Evan & Gareth run into an old friend at their new sewdio.

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Evan & Gareth engage in some heated He Said/He Said. Dave goes Hollywood.

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Evan shares a roofdate. Gareth presents a brand new scene from USoK.

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When The Roofsville Squad brings the news, Gareth finds Evan’s behavior a little too coincidental.

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Gareth has had it with Evan's rooftop antics.

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Dan returns to catch up with The Roofmates, post-Alfonso.

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It's Tension City for the Roofmates when Evan makes some questionable decisions.

Featuring Gareth’s hot new track, Mr. Fliverman!

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Evan considers leaving Tent City. Gareth takes a big step forward in the RWW Movement.

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Evan doesn't want to talk about his crazy week, and Gareth doesn't want to talk about his HUGE NEWS!

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Gareth’s obsession with ancient history puts a damper on Evan’s Independence Week.

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