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Evan & Gareth podcast their last episode of 2014 from the PvP Holiday Party! We drink champagne and discuss The Interview, Cuba and fracking. Evan has Christmas Nuggets and Gareth has a wish list. Get caught up in the MapQuest of it all - Subscribe, Rate & Review on iTunes! 


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The following takes place between 8:00pm and 8:31pm. Events occur in Drive Time. Gareth insists Evan fly through the news because he has plans after the show. Big Stories involve torture, protests, and Royal Protocol. Evan has an update on a particularly Newsy Nugget. 

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Evan Mann & Gareth Reynolds return to discuss Ferguson, Black Friday, Stephen Hawking, Sasha & Malia. Evan takes the crown before it’s Gareth’s Turn. Newsy McChicken Nuggets include Santa and Richard the Gere. A member of the PvP News Team gets unthanked. 


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Evan thinks Gareth’s lawyer Chaz Beaumonty seems very familiar. A potential sponsor disrupts a potential climate change solution. The newsman cover immigration, Polar Vortex, Bill Cosby, X-Men & Poo Howard. Classic Goose Gander! 


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Evan & Gareth discuss net neutrality, the comet landing, and a climate change deal. Gareth breaks out The Shit List, Evan’s Nuts distract him, and a challenge is accepted. #PvP #ThatJustHappened #TweetSpaceDontMatter 


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Evan Mann & Gareth Reynolds discuss the recent election. Evan makes a move with Gareth's segment that’s bolder than Doritos, and sweeter than Mrs. Fields. Legal weed, Eaten Alive, and Sexiest Vegan – it’s the most fun you can have without watching Pineapple Express*!  (*now available on cable)

Don’t forget to grab a pair of Nike Zooms as worn by Dan Govandi, lead singer of Ronald & The Raccoons! 

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Evan & Gareth are both in costume, but have very different ideas about what their Halloween episode should be.

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Evan questions Gareth about Dan’s lyrics. Big Stories include shootings in Canada, Renee Zellweger and E-B-O-L-A. Gareth names a Hero of the Week. Evan reports on a zombie-proof cabin, bachelorette party baby and pathetic website. #PvP!  


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After weeks of doubt, Gareth brings his Swindian friend Dan Govandi on the show to prove he exists, but Evan remains suspicious. They discuss Ebola, midterm elections & the stock market. Gareth has the Bollywood Gossip script update scoop, and Evan drops Zombie Santa & Seal oil Newsy Nuggets.


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Evan & Gareth tackle Big Stories like gay marriage, Ebola in Texas & Kim Jong Un. Gareth’s Corner takes an unexpected turn. Evan’s Newsy Nuggets include Bigfoot, Scroguard & Swiss zoo meals. Stayed tuned after the show for an exciting message from Sholes! #PvP


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Evan & Gareth discuss the Secret Service and Hong Kong. Gareth brings back his hit segment, Bollywood Gossip. Evan reports on pigeons, human waste and hair. #PvP!

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Evan gives Gareth a promotion right off the jump. Big Stories include Climate March, Emma Watson, Kim Kardashian and Scotland. Gareth dishes some Bollywood Gossip, and Evan’s got Nutty Nuggets. Two birds, one stone, we’re gonna drink our way out of this. That’s it!

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On this edition of #PvP, Evan & Gareth discuss Ray Rice, Apple & #Obombing. G-Man’s “new” segment greatly upsets E-Man. Nuggets of news get nutty with brats for America, cool poop and sad onions.

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Evan & Gareth are, together, a newsman, and this week they tackle ISIS, Ukraine, and celebrity nudes. Gareth’s recent break-up with long-time girlfriend Susan affects his new trivia segment and Evan’s Nutty Nuggets. 

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Evan & Gareth are back to discuss news topics like Ferguson, Burger King and Knee Defender Flights. Evan has Zany Ztories of pageants and tapeworms, while Gareth has a new segment and a future responsibility.

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Evan & Gareth get back in Iraq, join the 1%, and work with Tony Stewart. Senator Barbara Boxer calls in, and stories make you go HUH?!


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Evan & Gareth discuss Ebola, Toxic Water in Toledo, Beyonce & Jay Z, and the NFL. There’s a Project P better beverage debate, the news gets whacked, and Evan sees a problem with Gareth’s new segment. 


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Evan & Gareth make their debate podcast debut from Normal TV! Topics include the drought, giant holes in Siberia, Israel vs Palestine, and the GOP suing Obama. Stories slip through the cracks, Evan questions fan mail and Gareth finds a hero. 

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