Point vs Point

Evan gives Gareth a promotion right off the jump. Big Stories include Climate March, Emma Watson, Kim Kardashian and Scotland. Gareth dishes some Bollywood Gossip, and Evan’s got Nutty Nuggets. Two birds, one stone, we’re gonna drink our way out of this. That’s it!

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On this edition of #PvP, Evan & Gareth discuss Ray Rice, Apple & #Obombing. G-Man’s “new” segment greatly upsets E-Man. Nuggets of news get nutty with brats for America, cool poop and sad onions.

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Evan & Gareth are, together, a newsman, and this week they tackle ISIS, Ukraine, and celebrity nudes. Gareth’s recent break-up with long-time girlfriend Susan affects his new trivia segment and Evan’s Nutty Nuggets. 

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