Point vs Point

Evan & Gareth are both in costume, but have very different ideas about what their Halloween episode should be.

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Evan questions Gareth about Dan’s lyrics. Big Stories include shootings in Canada, Renee Zellweger and E-B-O-L-A. Gareth names a Hero of the Week. Evan reports on a zombie-proof cabin, bachelorette party baby and pathetic website. #PvP!  


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After weeks of doubt, Gareth brings his Swindian friend Dan Govandi on the show to prove he exists, but Evan remains suspicious. They discuss Ebola, midterm elections & the stock market. Gareth has the Bollywood Gossip script update scoop, and Evan drops Zombie Santa & Seal oil Newsy Nuggets.


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Evan & Gareth tackle Big Stories like gay marriage, Ebola in Texas & Kim Jong Un. Gareth’s Corner takes an unexpected turn. Evan’s Newsy Nuggets include Bigfoot, Scroguard & Swiss zoo meals. Stayed tuned after the show for an exciting message from Sholes! #PvP


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Evan & Gareth discuss the Secret Service and Hong Kong. Gareth brings back his hit segment, Bollywood Gossip. Evan reports on pigeons, human waste and hair. #PvP!

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