Point vs Point

Evan thinks Gareth’s lawyer Chaz Beaumonty seems very familiar. A potential sponsor disrupts a potential climate change solution. The newsman cover immigration, Polar Vortex, Bill Cosby, X-Men & Poo Howard. Classic Goose Gander! 


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Evan & Gareth discuss net neutrality, the comet landing, and a climate change deal. Gareth breaks out The Shit List, Evan’s Nuts distract him, and a challenge is accepted. #PvP #ThatJustHappened #TweetSpaceDontMatter 


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Evan Mann & Gareth Reynolds discuss the recent election. Evan makes a move with Gareth's segment that’s bolder than Doritos, and sweeter than Mrs. Fields. Legal weed, Eaten Alive, and Sexiest Vegan – it’s the most fun you can have without watching Pineapple Express*!  (*now available on cable)

Don’t forget to grab a pair of Nike Zooms as worn by Dan Govandi, lead singer of Ronald & The Raccoons! 

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