Point vs Point

Gareth reinvents himself after attending an event meant for Evan. 

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Gareth is devastated by the information he uncovers about Evan.   

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Evan reports on major world events, while Gareth is consumed with their upcoming wedding. 
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Gareth questions Evan's post-show plans and salutes Veterans Day. Evan reminisces about a high school relationship. 
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Dan Govandi returns when, much to Gareth's surprise, Evan invites him on the show for legal advice.

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Evan & Gareth are back, in costume and in character, for their second Halloween episode! Scary Nuts involve a zombie baby and spider shooting. Sign this bill!

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Evan makes a questionable decision to be himself. Gareth releases a new product. Mr. Pickles makes an apology. Evan declares a New Best Nut.
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Evlections and Mr. Pickles hit new lows. Evan & Gareth set a date. No Bra Day causes new information to leak. 
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Gareth explains why Vladi is the new K JU. Poliphile Evan unveils Evlections 2.0. Gareth loses his best impression, but gains a new talent. Evan gets into the Nut meat, period.

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It’s the 50th episode! Evan introduces an app he’s developing. Gareth makes plans with The Pope.  #GodFavorite  #Evan

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Protest details are discussed. Evan plans a Debate Party while Gareth's under the influence of a Nut. 

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Evan and Gareth plan a protest. Big Stories involve Joe Biden, Kim Davis and Syrian refugees. Gareth gets Feedback from the Fans at a local mall. Bottoms up!

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Evan notices subtle changes in Gareth, who's back from Australia with Feedback from the Fans. UNhead Gareth dishes on K. JU. Evan's Nutting a weed bar and seeing 2020.

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Evan is forced to deal with Gareth’s pre-flight ritual while trying to get one in the can. 


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Gareth makes a highlight reel and has a new segment. Evan defends his lightweight gear and is surprisingly supportive of Liquid White Hot Money. 
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Dan Govandi, attorney at law, returns to supervise his client, Gareth, during his pending lawsuit against Evan. They discuss the Mad Max shooting, Yemen, and the first Republican Presidential Debate. And stay tuned after the show for the debut of Ronald & the Raccoons’ new single!


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A Big Story excites known adrenaline junkie, Gareth. Evan Mann gets handed a surprise. The reveal of another weird fetish blossoms from a Nut. 


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Evan found a solution to a problem in the studio, and a Big Story has Gareth very worried. Crack open a Squirt and enjoy our Nuts!


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#Evan & Gareth return to cover Big Stories like marriage equality, Pluto and Trump. We’ve got #Nuts and Sports for Everybody, brought to you by Looney Louie’s Mattresses. 


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Evan speculates on who Gareth’s guest may be, but with U.S. of K. gaining Kev-mentum, director Payman Benz (Key & Peele, Jimmy Kimmel Live) has signed on to the project. 


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Evan & Gareth discuss Jeb Bush, Rachel Dolezal, and Al-Qaida in Yemen. The United States of Kevin has a major casting announcement. A Nut provides a solution to a problem in the studio. Gareth describes his bartending experience. 


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Evan & Gareth report from a studio full of boxes to discuss the prison break, Obama snub, and an app that threatens Newsman. Gareth has insight into a Nut, and Evan reveals he’s an Orby.  #PvP #Real #Cool


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Evan’s excitement for the primaries reaches new heights. Gareth pitches a muggable catchphrase and revises US of K. Stories include Caitlyn Jenner and the Patriot Act, and a Nut hits close to home.


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Evan’s Big Stories include the Boston bomber verdict, Josh Duggar scandal and Australian drought advice. Gareth pounds nugs, confronts Ron Smiths and has a revelation about his live stream.


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Evan & Gareth announce a crew member’s official departure from the show. Big Stories cover Saudi King Salman, Texas tornados and rescued refugees. Nuts include a pizza app hostage, Instagram robber, and the ol’ feces play. 


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Evan shares a hilarious grocery store tale before discussing the Baltimore riots, Mayweather vs Pacquiao, and a Big Story that validates Gareth’s theory. Newsman argue about the fans and an opening. 


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Evan & Gareth cover the White House Correspondents Dinner and Bruce Jenner interview. Gareth reports from the Gulf of Australia. Evan’s Nuts lead to role-play. 


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Evan is surprised when Dan Govandi shows up to co-host. They discuss Hillary Clinton, Robert Bates and Cuba. Dan makes a confession. 


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Evan & Gareh discuss the Iran deal, Indiana law and California water. Gareth explores religion and love, and a Nut tests Evan’s morals.


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Gareth demands perfection during Sweeps Week. They discuss Clinton emails, Harry Reid and the Spring Break shooting. Evan has sleepy, rat and breast milk Nuts.


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It’s primary season, and Evan’s just getting started! Gareth tries to avoid a Big Spoiler and does his first field report. Bump the fist! 


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Gareth gives a gift, Evan sets a trap, and it sounds insensitive now that you say it. Also: News! 


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Evan is upset by Gareth’s tales from the Ventura County Fair. Newsman tackle ISIS, Netanyahu, OKAIDS and Party Animals, and an old segment returns. 


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Evan & Gareth discuss The Oscars, net neutrality, Jihadi John and guns. Two Nuts get emojinal and uncover the possible motive in a revenge murder. 


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Evan Mann & Gareth Reynolds reunite to discuss Oscar Manncotts, Siberian Express and HealthGare. Gareth shares his Co-Host slam and fears of panda pending, while a Newsy Nugget leads Evan to reveal a Nut from his past.

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After ditching out on Evan last week, Gareth returns with his very own show and new co-host, Dan Govandi. It's Gareth's Funcast, where anything can happen...and probably does!

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Evan is blindsided by a note left for him in the studio, but tries to make a Point about Brian Williams, Jordan and vaccines like a real Newsman.

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Evan & Gareth discuss the Koch Brothers, Superbowl & mosquitoes. Newsy Nuggets cover a zombie cat, a naked woman in a chimney, and a bronze anus. Gareth’s famous enchiladas cause a meltdown. 


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Evan is excited to hear Gareth’s research and feelings on The State of the Union. Points are made about Deflategate, Israel, the Doomsday Clock and an injured ball boy. Dan Govandi returns to share his Bigfoot expertise and promote Ronald & The Raccoons’ latest suspiciously-titled album. 


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Movie buffs Evan Mann & Gareth Reynolds discuss the Oscar nominations. A story about the Pope causes Evan to notice a pattern that concerns him. Gareth gets a letter from a fan. Newsy Nuggets involve priceless goldfish memories, vanilla, and The Bigfeet.

This episode of PvP is dedicated to Gus Pilticky. 


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Evan Mann & Gareth Reynolds vehemently defend their points on Charlie Hebdo, Keystone Pipeline and the Martian Market on Planet Shark. After Gareth’s Turn, Evan covers a pointless search party, lifted foie gras ban and Nazi Cows. 


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