Point vs Point

Evan & Gareth discuss the Koch Brothers, Superbowl & mosquitoes. Newsy Nuggets cover a zombie cat, a naked woman in a chimney, and a bronze anus. Gareth’s famous enchiladas cause a meltdown. 


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Evan is excited to hear Gareth’s research and feelings on The State of the Union. Points are made about Deflategate, Israel, the Doomsday Clock and an injured ball boy. Dan Govandi returns to share his Bigfoot expertise and promote Ronald & The Raccoons’ latest suspiciously-titled album. 


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Movie buffs Evan Mann & Gareth Reynolds discuss the Oscar nominations. A story about the Pope causes Evan to notice a pattern that concerns him. Gareth gets a letter from a fan. Newsy Nuggets involve priceless goldfish memories, vanilla, and The Bigfeet.

This episode of PvP is dedicated to Gus Pilticky. 


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Evan Mann & Gareth Reynolds vehemently defend their points on Charlie Hebdo, Keystone Pipeline and the Martian Market on Planet Shark. After Gareth’s Turn, Evan covers a pointless search party, lifted foie gras ban and Nazi Cows. 


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