Point vs Point

Evan speculates on who Gareth’s guest may be, but with U.S. of K. gaining Kev-mentum, director Payman Benz (Key & Peele, Jimmy Kimmel Live) has signed on to the project. 


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Evan & Gareth discuss Jeb Bush, Rachel Dolezal, and Al-Qaida in Yemen. The United States of Kevin has a major casting announcement. A Nut provides a solution to a problem in the studio. Gareth describes his bartending experience. 


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Evan & Gareth report from a studio full of boxes to discuss the prison break, Obama snub, and an app that threatens Newsman. Gareth has insight into a Nut, and Evan reveals he’s an Orby.  #PvP #Real #Cool


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Evan’s excitement for the primaries reaches new heights. Gareth pitches a muggable catchphrase and revises US of K. Stories include Caitlyn Jenner and the Patriot Act, and a Nut hits close to home.


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