Point vs Point

Evan & Gareth host this Retrotastic highlighting the history of Point vs Point! The advertising attempts. The business ventures. The duh-rama! Get a little bit more King of the Show, #Evan. Discover why Gareth Reynolds is the Fan Favorite. Experience the evolution of Newsy Nuggets of Nuts. Sample a variety of Gareth's Turn meat between the shit bread. Relive the magic of guests Payman Benz, Wil Anderson, and Brett the Sober Companion. Learn the lure behind PvP’s legendary night lunchman, Dan Govandi!

This special extended episode documents the origins of some of PvP’s most often-referenced plot points, so if you've never listened before, this is the place to start! We answer important questions like, how do you solve climate change? What makes a successful Hollywood script? Who is Anthony Baldino? We're sending you to town with magic beans!

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