Point vs Point

Evan thinks he's part of the solution but Gareth doubts his commitment to the protests. Plus a gorilla update.

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Evan and Gareth talk about the current shit show happening in America

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Evan clarifies how these Special Reports are different from the normal show. Gareth's gorilla business goes mobile. 

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Dr. Shmarza returns to give the P-heads medical advice. Gareth transitions is gorilla business.

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The guys agree that last week's Special PvP missed the mark, so Evan has brought in a medical expert to help explain the world today. 

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Even though the show has been on a break, Evan felt the elephant in the room story needed to be discussed, Gareth has also been busy. 

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Newsman Evan Mann drops a bomb on Champals CEO Gareth Reynolds during The 200th PvP. 

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