Point vs Point

Evan & Gareth podcast their last episode of 2014 from the PvP Holiday Party! We drink champagne and discuss The Interview, Cuba and fracking. Evan has Christmas Nuggets and Gareth has a wish list. Get caught up in the MapQuest of it all - Subscribe, Rate & Review on iTunes! 


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The following takes place between 8:00pm and 8:31pm. Events occur in Drive Time. Gareth insists Evan fly through the news because he has plans after the show. Big Stories involve torture, protests, and Royal Protocol. Evan has an update on a particularly Newsy Nugget. 

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Evan Mann & Gareth Reynolds return to discuss Ferguson, Black Friday, Stephen Hawking, Sasha & Malia. Evan takes the crown before it’s Gareth’s Turn. Newsy McChicken Nuggets include Santa and Richard the Gere. A member of the PvP News Team gets unthanked. 


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