Point vs Point

Evan & Gareth discuss The Oscars, net neutrality, Jihadi John and guns. Two Nuts get emojinal and uncover the possible motive in a revenge murder. 


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Evan Mann & Gareth Reynolds reunite to discuss Oscar Manncotts, Siberian Express and HealthGare. Gareth shares his Co-Host slam and fears of panda pending, while a Newsy Nugget leads Evan to reveal a Nut from his past.

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After ditching out on Evan last week, Gareth returns with his very own show and new co-host, Dan Govandi. It's Gareth's Funcast, where anything can happen...and probably does!

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Evan is blindsided by a note left for him in the studio, but tries to make a Point about Brian Williams, Jordan and vaccines like a real Newsman.

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